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We convert NTSC (USA) VHS, S-VHS and VHS-C tapes (not PAL) into digital MP4 video files that can be viewed on your computer, phone, smart TV, etc.


We cannot convert (digitize) any copyrighted material.


The cost for the MP4 conversion is $9 per tape with a maximum of 6 hours of video.  The storage media (DVD movie or USB flash drive) costs extra.


VHS tape degrades with time.  This means the video on the tape will not look as nice as it did when it was recorded.  The sooner you get the tape digitized the better.


Please keep in mind that the video quality of VHS recordings were not very good to begin with (especially EP/SLP recordings) and the digital MP4 video will not look better (or worse) than the original VHS tape viewed though a VCR.  I'm not trying to scare you away, I just want you to know what to expect.  The video will look like it's being viewed through a VCR.


The digital video files are normally delivered to customers on USB flash drives.  USB flash drives can plug into most computers, most smart TVs and some DVD players. The cost for a USB drive(s) depends on the amount of video. The MP4 digital file size for one hour of standard VHS video is approximately 1.7GB.  A 16GB USB flash drive ($9 each) will hold about 8 hours of video. We do offer larger USB drives.


If you want your VHS, S-VHS or VHS-C tape converted to a DVD movie, the cost is an additional $15 per DVD ($9 digitizing + $15 DVD movie).  The movie will be VHS quality, not DVD quality.


If you don't want USB flash drives or DVDs, we offer digital download for an additional $5 per order (not per tape).

We do not color correct or attempt any other corrections to the video (same as other companies, but they usually don't mention it).


Please let us know if there is a long gap between recordings on the tape.  If there is, we may not realize there is another recording on the tape and it won't be digitized.


We normally do not watch the entire video.  Usually just the beginning and the end and adjust the tracking as needed.  We use professional equipment, so tracking is usually corrected.  If there are issues, in the middle of the tape, with the original video, it will be digitized and you will be able to see it in the digital MP4 video.


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